Offline, Multiplatform Applications

Multiplatform with less risk

A recent series of advancements in the systems that power today's web make it possible to build custom, native Android and IOS apps with the same tools used to make web sites.

That means building a trio of an IOS, an Android, and a web app costs just a third of what it did just a few years ago.

But it's more than just a cost savings. It's a simpler operation all-round. Less code means less issues to resolve. New features don't require the coordinated efforts of multiple teams. There are less moving parts.

Offline first

Another recent bit of progress in the software world is that we can now build applications that won't choke when the network connection is lost. Users can add records, make changes, and search data whether the wifi is up or down.

Until now, an offline experience required expensive and often inflexible custom solutions that were difficult to maintain. Framework Labs is developing tools to make it easy for your existing databases to integrate seamlessly with newer offline-capable data stores.

Create mobile and web applications

From a single development effort, our OMA stack can produce applications for:

  • the desktop
  • the browser
  • Android
  • IOS

No Internet Required

In many cases, users don't even have to know they are offline. They can add records, search, and make changes whether they are online or not.

Any changes made while a user is disconnected get synced as soon as service is restored, but, in the meantime, the application remains available.

Do you have several similar projects?

If you have several, similar apps planned, it would be a great time to let us introduce ourselves.

Framework Labs is developing a set of common libraries and utilities to outfit our OM applications with tools for jump-starting new projects with administrative and data-handling libraries and utilities in-place.

By sending multple projects through the development pipeline while these tools are still in an early release stage, you have an opportunity to shape the direction of this effort and ensure that future apps will have similar administrative footprints.

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