Solving big problems, one step at a time

I work together with my clients to acheive their goals with custom software. To do this, I use a process that recognizes that requirements and scope will change over time.

I prefer an Agile-style of development, because, in my experience, regular communication between the development team and the client is critical to a project's ultimate success and usefulness.

Daily updates, bi-weekly planning sessions, and open lines of communication ensure that the direction of the project stays on track, that expectations are being met, and that, at each stage, the project advances another step toward the realization of the the client's vision.

One team, all devices, no internet required

Framework Labs' Offline, Multiplatform (OM) applications produce installable, native applications for mobile devices with the same effort that goes into the browser-based application. Where previously a business might have to choose to produce just an Android app and/or a web app and/or an IOS app, it is now possible to get them all for the cost of one.

And, better yet, an OM application remains completely functional without an internet connection. Any changes that have occured in the central database, of course, will not be reflected in any search results and any new records or modifications made by users without network connections won't be known to the central server until the users are reconnected.

The domesticated business system

A custom business app is really a custom business system. It's the code plus the webserver, the database, the cache, the messaging queues, the load balancers, and the machines that all runs on.

Framework Labs produces applications that are made to be available. They come with code that assemble the environments they need to function. They come with utilities to create and restore from backups. They are designed to minimize downtime during disaster recovery.

In short, Framework Labs makes apps that make administrators happy.

Framework Labs uses on rock-solid software and well-tested code... build systems that are efficient, scalable...

...designed to run in the cloud...

...and to be ops-friendly.